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Top 10 Earners

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# Name Email Phone # Total Earning
1 ALI ALI ali786@gmail.com Not to Show Rs.12380/-
2 Ch Arslan 22arslan7172@gmail.com 03352122323 Rs.9725/-
3 ZAIN  ALI zainali68598@gmail.com Not to Show Rs.8726/-
4 Adeel Ahmad adeelahmad786434@gmail.com Not to Show Rs.7895/-
5 Abid Mirza abidmirza.net@gmail.com Not to Show Rs.6840/-
6 Ramzan Arif ramzan4564@gmail.com Not to Show Rs.6750/-
7 Aliyan Shahzad aliayn23@gmail.com Not to Show Rs.5875/-
8 Aysha Binte safder shaziasabir93@gmail.com Not to Show Rs.5125/-
9 wisal khan wisal.salat@gmail.com 03229140524 Rs.3650/-
10 Shazia Sabir samrenmano@gmail.com Not to Show Rs.2900/-